Block Production

Reliable, Independant, and Secure

We are experienced in EOS node operation and block production, having participated in numerous internal and community testnet launches. We gained significant launch experience participating in both Canada's BIOS BOOT and Ghostbuster's Mesh VPN launch strategies, and have successfully implemmented the latest security recommendations and architecture from the BP infrastructure group for protection against network attacks such as DDOS.

Security & Reliability Through Redundancy

In order to maintain seamless business operations, we implemment a multi-site, multi-node configuration with the full environment running redundantly with data replication mechanisms. This configuration is designed to mitigate business disruption and data loss in the event of a disaster.

A load balancer on the public layer helps distribute the load between proxy servers that act as a layer between our full nodes and the public end point. Multiple full nodes connect to a trusted network of trusted third party block producer nodes and add a layer of protection above our actively producing nodes.

Our producer node is protected via WireGuard private network and exists on a separate layer for added security. During a disaster, the block production responsibility can be shifted to a Bare Metal back up node while primary cloud servers are restored. Furthermore, in the disaster scenario, auto-scaling can be configured in order to add more EC2 instances to scale horizontally.

Horizontal Scalability

​We are aware and prepared for the requirement to operate as many chains as necessary to meet user demand.

Our initial nodes is configured with spare capacity that is under-utilized during normal operations in order to provide ample time and space to scale both vertically and horizontally, and accommodate demand loads on single chain as well as the launch of additional nodes required to operate multiple chains.

Our goal is to always stay ahead of demand by maintaining spare capacity and scaling both bare metal hardware and cloud capacity well in advance. Our secondary active cloud-based environment allows for immediate emergency scaling if it becomes necessary, giving us time to scale bare metal hardware.


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An Incubator of Decentralized Apps


We provide private capital to companies in all stages, and are able to fund in fiat or crypto. If we are elected block producers, we will use a portion of block rewards to fund decentralized applications.


We learned Design Sprints from Jake Knapp himself, and they produce results! We're happy to help companies run them and pass on the design sprint process.


We are in process of developing a decentralized application on EOS.IO ourselves with plans to "air drop" tokens and pass on the gained knowledge and experience to our incubated projects.


Helping Secure Life, Liberty, Property

EOS SOCAL is a group founded in Nov 2017 with a mission of supporting and promoting the successful launch and viability of the EOS.IO software and community, operating out of Southern California.

Our goal is to contribute to the overall success of the EOS.IO decentralized ecosystem from this area of the world, helping masses preserve life, liberty and property for a better world.

What is EOSIO?

EOSIO software is a free, open source software developed by to serve as a platform for quickly and easily developing, running and governing decentralized applications running on community launched & operated network of blockchains that can potentially scale to millions of transactions per second, without users fees. The philosophy of Dan Larimer (visionary behind the product) is preserving life, liberty and property. To learn more, see the EOSIO White Paper V2.

Our Offices and Facility


United by Passion and a Shared Philosophy

Cesar Diaz

Strategy Lead

Having successfully exited multiple self-funded technology and marketing ventures, Cesar now focuses his full time supporting and developing decentralized free market solutions that secure life, liberty and property; which he believes will lead to a future of efficiency, accountability, and prosperity.

Alex Gomory

Tech Lead

Alex is active in both hardware and software development and assists with cloud-based and bare metal node configuration and operations. He has been involved with EOSIO launch community since the early days participating in testnet development, security infrastructure, and livenet BIOS and launch preparations.

Virginia Larez


Virginia has been doing executive administration for over ten years and is in charge of accounting, corporate administration, HR and more, and has worked as lead administrator during two successful exits.


Michael Murphy, Ph.D

Michael received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Maryland--College Park. He has 20+ years of experience in algorithm design, data science, machine learning, and real-time distributed systems.

Maurice Vanegas

A UCLA graduate and monetary policy enthusiast, Maurice is a serial entrepreneur in Los Angeles. Among various successful companies, he founded TEZO Systems, a technology company involved in blockchain node operations and programming academy.


Honest, Open, and Accountable


EOS SoCal is fully owned and funded by independently with no outside investors. Our aim is to contribute independent value to the EOSIO ecosystem through unbiased opinion.

Code of Conduct

EOS SOCAL is a group established in Southern California whose mission is to support the launch and long term success of EOSIO... Read More


Our bp.json, as standarized and recognized by the community, is accessible here.


When a candidate registers to be a block producer, they agree to the regproducer ricardian contract. We agree to that contract and have republished it here for all to see.

Decision Process

Our decision making process is based on independent internal debate based on objective and subjective information received.

Position on Constitution

We aim to abide by smart contracts and programming of network participants, in the absence of proven systemic bugs. We are in fully support of constitution V2 as proposed by


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